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Our Services

FFWT is providing various kinds of support to the victims of domestic violence such as:

• Toll free national multilingual helpline (Link to FFTW 0800 National HELPLINE)

• Free Telephone Counselling Services

• Free Information and Advice

• Legal Support

• Crisis support

• Case Work and Advocacy with WINZ, HNZ and Human Rights.

• Counselling Support

• Online Counselling for the Clients

• Family Therapy

• Relationship Counselling

• Anger Management Counselling

• Interpretation for the Clients

• Medical Support to the Client

• Food Support

• Out Reach Support

• Appropriate Referrals to other agencies if required

• Capacity Building Educational Programs

• Career Development Advice


Muslim women and families suffering from domestic violence are welcomed to consult FFWT services in confidence ( See our Privacy Policy ) as all above mentioned support is available here as a specialist organization in servicing Muslim clients across all ethnicities. Islamic values of the Muslim clients would be recognized and along with the tradition and ethnic diversity, a good integration into NZ community would be facilitated according to NZ laws and systems.


The doors are open for all other communities as well where ethnically appropriate service would be provided if they would be suffering from domestic violence and need us in a family crisis or family breakdown situation.


As also it is mentioned in Quran (Surah Al Maidah: Verse 32), “and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.”



0800 4357 786
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